Who’s in charge???

I think there may be something important to be learned from this week’s report of Trump’s telephone call with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull. In typical fourth-grade level speech, Trump called a deal previously made with Australia to take 1,250 of the refugees detained on 2 Pacific islands “dumb” and “the worst deal ever.” And apparently went on to tell Turnbull that this was the worst phone call ever. Childish and rude, at the very least.nauru

But I am struck by the clear conflict between this whining and the fact that the recent Executive Order on immigration and refugees had a clause in it that specifically exempted the refugees in the Australia deal. It really looks to me like Trump didn’t know anything about that. It was quite clear that he had not paid much attention to the issue — he implied they were either illegal immigrants or prisoners in the sense of convicted criminals, and he never could come up with the actual number of refugees. So who the hell put that exception into the immigration ban? We know he’s not going outside his inner circle for input on this stuff. Maybe this is why — he’s not even writing these orders. Does he even know what he’s signing?

Who the hell’s in charge?

And just as disturbing but for different reasons — do we actually have a president who can’t even see human suffering and doesn’t care? All he cared about on this issue was what a “bad deal” it was for America. No benefit whatsoever in saving people’s lives. No recognition that desperate people ought to be helped just because they are human beings.

But of course, we already knew that about Trump.