Rob Portman Announcement That He Met a Gay Person…

Honestly, it’s all so predictable. Even the staunchest, most reactionary conservative is forced to admit he or she is wrong when personally faced with reality. If you get to know, or discover that a loved one is, a homosexual, your attitudes of intolerance crumble.

This is why, in fact, I have no respect for conservative social issues. They are all completely and utterly wrong, based on prejudice, intolerance and ignorance. Conservative stances on economic and governing issues? Those have enough merit to deserve discussion and consideration. Their positions on social issues do not.

Anyone, even Dick Cheney for heaven’s sake, who gets to know someone personally who is “different” discovers that they are actual human beings. How amazing. Makes me feel like a genius for knowing that all along.

Being closed minded is the only way to hold onto conservative views. Sucks for Republicans, doesn’t it?


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