Nana’s Poem About My Brother


Just remembering putting to bed a little boy with big blue eyes

Mrs. Louis E. Wesselmann, Boston, New York


A grandson – 3 – was left for me

To put to bed – “O.K. I said

“No need to tell me what to do

Why tisn’t long since I had you”

“So run along and have some fun

I’ll take good care of your small son”


So up the stairs to bed we go

But – what is this? “No, Nana, no

I always run and jump in bed”

So 3 times he did just as he said

“Now from the crib I dive and you

Just catch me – mom & daddy do”


This done twas “time for prayers” he said

As angel-like he knelt in bed

First “Now I Lay Me” then “Lords Prayer”

(Coming up just once for air)

“God blesses” were the next in line

And this went on for quite some time

Till sternly I rebuked him, when

I heard him say “Bless daddy’s pen”


I transcribed this from my grandmother’s handwritten copy, which dates from the 1970s. I don’t know whether she wrote it then or perhaps wrote it closer to the time when it happened, in the mid-1950s.