Dear students: Yes, that was a joke the other day when the silly fat man came and told you not to go to college. Have you heard of “Punkd”? That’s what that was. We’re making a TV show about the most ridiculous thing a governor could come and say to an assembly of junior high students. Wasn’t it funny? Aren’t you glad that’s not our real governor? Any questions?

Yes, college is a very important part of your future. You don’t have to go to college, but if you can, you’ll have many more options for a career than if you don’t.

Yes, our real governor went to college. In fact you really can’t become a governor if you don’t. See how funny that man was?

No, actually sometimes newspapers don’t tell the whole truth, but most journalists try very hard to be as accurate and thorough as they can. What is a newspaper? Um, why don’t we have your teacher go over that in class, OK?

No, our school is not closing.

No, I’m telling you there’s no chance that the school is going to close.

Yes, you have to come to school tomorrow.


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