Meet Paul LePage, our Bully of a Governor…

This man has sunk to a new low. He doesn’t give a damn about actual human beings in the state of Maine, only Business. Business is his God. Anything they want.

Companies don’t like to pay so much in unemployment insurance? Well, let’s just reduce people’s unemployment compensation, who gives a crap about them?

Business doesn’t like a local regulation? Complain to any of probably dozens of “business liaisons” in every department in the state bureaucracy and we’ll pull the town’s revenue sharing dollars until they knuckle under.


Vote Yes on 1

So basically, people who register ahead of election day are less “foolish”, better informed, care more and are “higher quality” voters? Beyond the blatant and dishonest insults — can college students actually be more foolish than their non-college peers? If that’s the case, why are we breaking our backs trying to push further educational opportunities? — I am reminded that we recently learned that our governor and several other politicians have used the same day registration law themselves to register on or shortly before election day:…

Sure, you may find them foolish and low quality, but is that really what they’re going for?

Vote Yes on 1, the people’s veto to reinstate same-day registration.