Are You Bloviating?

It really seems to be time to speak up about this, as it seems to be getting worse:

The more religious bloviating, the more pious biblical references, the more “inspiring” religious messages I see, the more anti-religious I get. If the goal of venting (“sharing”) religious convictions is to inspire non-believers to consider faith, then it is backfiring in a major way.

Again, if reaching non-believers is your aim, you’re doing it wrong! And if you’re only preaching to the choir, then why do it in public?

Furthermore, if I see one more person claim that Christians are being widely discriminated against in this country, I may blow a gasket.

I have always considered myself a tolerant person, but religious people–almost entirely Christian–are making that more and more difficult–to tolerate them. I grew up in the Christian church and have maintained that every one is entitled to follow what religion they wish or none if they wish. That means any religion’s tenets are valid to the person who believes in them. I don’t, but I certainly don’t believe that it’s up to me to say what someone else should believe.

And I also know perfectly well that this country is still, in the majority, Christian. That does not give Christians the right to, shall we say, lord it over those who believe differently. As a matter of fact, the majority has the responsibility to protect the minority, not discriminate against them, not persecute them, and certainly not to whine about “having” to be inclusive or tolerant. Being tolerant of others different from you means that you’re a grownup, not that you are being discriminated against.


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