DOG TOYS: Don’t buy this: “BowWow Pals”

This bag of “tennis” balls


that I purchased at Rite-Aid, is garbage.

First of all, they stink so bad even my oblivious toy lover was a little hesitant to pick one up. A terrible chemical smell, one of the worst I’ve smelled on tennis balls, dog or otherwise.

Secondly, they were all completely dead. Not “old tennis ball” dead, utterly and completely lifeless. Thrown on a hard surface, they didn’t bounce even a fraction of an inch.

Yes, made in China. My mistake, I was desperate. But I guess I should have read more than just the origin: it states quite clearly on the back “THIS IS NOT A TOY” — Seriously. Silly me.

“Run Jump Fetch” — I don’t think so. Run back to Rite-Aid and demand my money back is more like it.