NYTimes.com: The Unemployed Held Hostage, Again

The people who are suffering STILL in this lousy economy are the unemployed and the underemployed, NOT THE WEALTHY. Congress, grow a spine and do the right thing for a change.

OPINION   | November 28, 2010
Editorial:  The Unemployed Held Hostage, Again
President Obama should excoriate phony deficit hawks who say that jobless benefits are too costly, even as they pass expensive tax cuts for the rich.




Meet Abaarso Tech!

This is the school in Somaliland where Stephanie is teaching this year. It’s a cause well worth supporting and I hope you’ll think about making a donation. Big or small, it will be welcome and put to good use.

Click on the link in the flyer below to read more about the school (if you click on Fullscreen, the web and email links will both work). Or to donate, you can go directly to their support page, where they accept Paypal.