Dear Republican:

I am so sick of hearing how the American people do not want health insurance
reform. I have spoken to lots of people and never heard one single person
say they don’t think the health insurance system needs to be overhauled. Not
one. You are all WRONG WRONG WRONG. We all want reform, except perhaps for
those selfish people who are “satisfied with their health care” and don’t
give a damn about anybody else. Until of course they are the ones being
denied coverage for being “obese” or having their insurance rates skyrocket
or being denied a course of treatment that would save their lives.

So YAY for the Democrats for somehow sticking with this and muddling through
until we actually had some legislation, no matter how imperfect.

But there will be no kudos for Stupak and his ilk who have forced their
views about abortion onto the bill in such a way that only the less well off
will be denied coverage for abortion. I cannot tell from the news reports if
the idiotic idea of making those who want insurance coverage for abortion
pay for it separately is part of this compromise bill or whether it simply
says no federal funding for abortion which isn’t a change of any stripe
anyway. The former is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard: if a woman were
to buy such insurance, wouldn’t that encourage her to use abortion as birth
control? After all, she’s paid for it, why not use it? That’s of course
beyond the incredible invasion of privacy inherent in such a setup.

The simple denial of federal funding on the other hand is blatant discrimination
against the poor. If a medical procedure is safe and legal, but unavailable
to those who need help paying for their insurance, what do you suppose is
the result? I mean besides discrimination? ANOTHER MOUTH TO FEED? For those
who can least afford it? Is this really your intent?