Sorry I can’t hear your question for all the screaming


Give me a break. What kind of weak-minded people think that it’s somehow okay to scream “I’m scared of Obama” at their senators and congressmen? How stupid do they think the rest of us are? No, he’s not a socialist, but of course that would require learning what socialism actually is. Personally I think the stupid birther movement was helped along by more such dumbasses who didn’t know Hawaii was a state.

Has anyone stopped to ask these folks why they are attacking their own elected representatives? They claim that they’re not being put up to this by anyone, so I assume they are standing up at their own town hall – yes I know this is naïve, but that is their claim. Remember last November when most of you voted for those who are now serving? Show me a voter (I’m sorry, but if you are able to vote and don’t, you really don’t count) whose every single vote was on the losing side and I’ll show you—Yeah, I was going to say a Loser, but okay I’ll be nice—someone in the MINORITY. I know you USED to be in the majority and you liked it, but the pendulum has swung. I suffered through 8 years of BushCheney. I didn’t attack any of them. I didn’t even scream in their faces. Get used to it, folks, people don’t agree with you anymore.

Remember the old saw “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”? The solution is health care reform. This week’s candidates for part of the problem, ranting crazed person Glenn Beck (entertaining, yes! totally wrong and lying his ass off, yes!), and the discredited yet somehow still here Ollie North. Contrary to his outright lies, polls show that the majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform, in fact most favor a single payer system. Let the screaming begin.

Credit to Jon Stewart for airing Beck and North. I love this from his show Monday night, Jon’s take on those in the media encouraging the hysterics: “But all we’re doing is enraging people with misleading information and then having them show up at meetings with the intent of shouting down the speakers and physically intimidating them. If that’s what you call a mob then I guess……………

…………..Jesus! America!…..






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