How dare they take a vacation!

Now we have Republicans, like Charles Grassley, complainingabout the Obamas taking vacation time, and incorporating family travel withofficial travel.

Did Sen. Grassley complain about Bush’s 879days of vacation while in officeoops,make that 977?  I looked for evidence of any comment on that fromGrassley, but found none.

There is no doubt that President Obama is working hard forthis country, and I have no quarrel with him taking a vacation. The notion thatit is elitist or inappropriate is so hypocritical, it’s laughable. But it also reminds me of the attitude of many proponents of the lowest commondenominator, who object to educating gifted students appropriately because thebottom of the classroom barrel can’t have the same sort of challenges. Whyshould the children of the president have any advantages? Why should they getto learn about slavery in Ghana; why should they see Paris and The Kremlin?Other than the obvious (“how is that any of your business? And quit yourwhining”) I’ll tell you: These girls are among the leaders of thefuture and this is a very efficient way of preparing them.

Ponder that on your staycation*.

*def.: using the excuse that the economy is bad to sit onyour ass on the couch instead of thinking up something interesting to do onyour week off.


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