Sarah Palin opposed to U.S. Export/Import program

As if she hadn’t stirred up enough baseless wrath, now Palin is using her celebrity to denigrate the U.S. Export/Import Bank.  Incredibly (or maybe not so, given the shallow understanding demonstrated in most of her statements) she is opposed to this program .

The Ex-Im bank lends money for foreign companies to use for U.S. produced goods and services. It is a LOAN, and it must be used by the receiving company, Petrobras in Brazil, for AMERICAN GOODS AND SERVICES. To be opposed to this is to be opposed to U.S. production. 

From Politico :

In this case, Cogan said, the proposed loan would likely finance engineering services, sales of ships to service oil platforms, or drilling equipment.

“This is the government doing what it’s supposed to do: Create jobs and make sure that Americans get a fair shot at selling goods and services — not the British or the French or anyone else — and to help American workers compete on a level playing field,” Cogan said, noting that most developed countries have similar credit-export agencies.

Perhaps I should really be blaming the Wall Street Journal which is happy to publish opinion articles that seem to be giving Palin her ammunition. I think it’s pretty damn shocking that this pre-eminent business newspaper is okay with tearing down support for programs that support U.S. jobs as long as they get people to oppose Obama.


Another STUPID Statement—-

Glenn Beck, July 23, 2009: “Everything that is getting pushed through
Congress including this health care bill are[sic] transforming
America. And they are all driven by President Obama’s thinking on one
idea — reparations.”

 How utterly ridiculous.

 So besides being a raving paranoid nut, Glenn Beck is a White
Supremacist. Hey, great!

Health Care Reform


Why you should support it, and why you should not listen to the right wing media’s misleading and outright false statements about it:

First of all:

The health care reform bill in congress DOES NOT INCLUDE a government takeover of healthcare.

The health care reform bill in congress offers a public OPTION, which is OPTIONAL, to get health insurance through a government program, much like MEDICARE.

The health care reform bill in congress does not take away ANYONE’S insurance. Once again, the public option would be OPTIONAL.

The public option is an attempt to insert some competition into the health insurance industry in an effort to bring down costs. Frankly I would prefer a single payer system, Medicare for al, for example. Even that would not be a government takeover of healthcare; it would be a takeover of health insurance. No one would go without health care and we would end up saving a lot of money in the long run.  It would be overseen by people appointed by our elected officials—it would be responsible to the people, instead of being overseen by profit-hungry corporate bureaucrats who answer to stockholders. Stockholders do not care HOW the company makes their profits, their interest is in the bottom line.


Who are you paying when you pay those insurance premiums? Your doctor? Of course not. You are paying a great big corporation full of numerous levels of management.  Then,  when you go to the doctor, you pay again don’t you, a copay? And the insurance company pays a pittance to the doctor.  Guess who gets a whole lot more than a pittance? Here are the most recent figures I could find regarding the compensation of CEOs of health insurance companies:




CEO Name 


Compensation ($)



C. Allen Bradley Jr.




Aetna Inc.

Ronald A. Williams




Aflac Incorporated

Daniel P. Amos




American Physicians Capital, Inc.

R. Kevin Clinton




CIGNA Corporation

H. Edward Hanway




Centene Corporation

Michael F. Neidorff




Coventry Health Care, Inc.

Dale B. Wolf




Employers Holdings, Inc.

Douglas D. Dirks




Health Net, Inc.

Jay M. Gellert




HealthSpring, Inc.

Herbert A. Fritch




Humana Inc.

Michael B. McCallister




Molina Healthcare, Inc.

Dr. J. Mario Molina M.D.




Principal Financial Group, Inc.

Larry D. Zimpleman




Torchmark Corporation

Mark S. McAndrew




Triple-S Management Corporation

Ramon M. Ruiz-Comas




UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

Stephen J. Hemsley




Unum Group

Thomas R. Watjen




WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

Todd S. Farha




WellPoint, Inc.

Angela F. Braly




eHealth, Inc.

Gary L. Lauer



Oh look! One of them earned less than a million dollars in 2008. Poor fellow.  Of course there is a very good reason for these nice big compensation packages:  insurance company profits have risen astronomically over the past decade. Over 400%!

Number Three:

Health care reform is also an attempt to prevent insurance companies from dumping you as a customer if they think they can get away with it (if you start costing them something) and an attempt to prevent insurance companies from cherry picking their customers and leaving the “pre-existing” conditions for someone else to insure.

Isn’t the reason you buy health insurance to help you pay medical bills if you get sick? That would make sense. But the insurance companies spend a huge amount of your money trying to avoid paying out anything. From my experience and that of many others, health insurance DOES NOT EQUAL health care. It is instead a roadblock to health care.



The Administration believes that comprehensive health reform should:

  • Reduce long-term growth of health care costs for businesses and government
  • Protect families from bankruptcy or debt because of health care costs
  • Guarantee choice of doctors and health plans
  • Invest in prevention and wellness
  • Improve patient safety and quality of care
  • Assure affordable, quality health coverage for all Americans
  • Maintain coverage when you change or lose your job
  • End barriers to coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions

Please visit to learn more about the President’s commitment to enacting comprehensive health reform this year.



Sorry I can’t hear your question for all the screaming


Give me a break. What kind of weak-minded people think that it’s somehow okay to scream “I’m scared of Obama” at their senators and congressmen? How stupid do they think the rest of us are? No, he’s not a socialist, but of course that would require learning what socialism actually is. Personally I think the stupid birther movement was helped along by more such dumbasses who didn’t know Hawaii was a state.

Has anyone stopped to ask these folks why they are attacking their own elected representatives? They claim that they’re not being put up to this by anyone, so I assume they are standing up at their own town hall – yes I know this is naïve, but that is their claim. Remember last November when most of you voted for those who are now serving? Show me a voter (I’m sorry, but if you are able to vote and don’t, you really don’t count) whose every single vote was on the losing side and I’ll show you—Yeah, I was going to say a Loser, but okay I’ll be nice—someone in the MINORITY. I know you USED to be in the majority and you liked it, but the pendulum has swung. I suffered through 8 years of BushCheney. I didn’t attack any of them. I didn’t even scream in their faces. Get used to it, folks, people don’t agree with you anymore.

Remember the old saw “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”? The solution is health care reform. This week’s candidates for part of the problem, ranting crazed person Glenn Beck (entertaining, yes! totally wrong and lying his ass off, yes!), and the discredited yet somehow still here Ollie North. Contrary to his outright lies, polls show that the majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform, in fact most favor a single payer system. Let the screaming begin.

Credit to Jon Stewart for airing Beck and North. I love this from his show Monday night, Jon’s take on those in the media encouraging the hysterics: “But all we’re doing is enraging people with misleading information and then having them show up at meetings with the intent of shouting down the speakers and physically intimidating them. If that’s what you call a mob then I guess……………

…………..Jesus! America!…..





How dare they take a vacation!

Now we have Republicans, like Charles Grassley, complainingabout the Obamas taking vacation time, and incorporating family travel withofficial travel.

Did Sen. Grassley complain about Bush’s 879days of vacation while in officeoops,make that 977?  I looked for evidence of any comment on that fromGrassley, but found none.

There is no doubt that President Obama is working hard forthis country, and I have no quarrel with him taking a vacation. The notion thatit is elitist or inappropriate is so hypocritical, it’s laughable. But it also reminds me of the attitude of many proponents of the lowest commondenominator, who object to educating gifted students appropriately because thebottom of the classroom barrel can’t have the same sort of challenges. Whyshould the children of the president have any advantages? Why should they getto learn about slavery in Ghana; why should they see Paris and The Kremlin?Other than the obvious (“how is that any of your business? And quit yourwhining”) I’ll tell you: These girls are among the leaders of thefuture and this is a very efficient way of preparing them.

Ponder that on your staycation*.

*def.: using the excuse that the economy is bad to sit onyour ass on the couch instead of thinking up something interesting to do onyour week off.