“NYTimes: Obama and the War on Brains”

It is a wonderful relief to be able to listen to the man who will be president without cringing and arguing back at the TV screen, as I have had to do for 8 entire years with Shrub. It’s probably too much to hope that intelligence will make a comeback in this country as a whole, but I am hopeful that at least a few more young people will feel inspired by the example of good leadership to improve their minds and do great things with their lives.  Nicholas Kristof says it better than I ever could (below).

Of course, Rush Limbaugh maintains that this (the election) is just a battle lost and the people he thinks agree with him (honestly, I can’t insult conservatives or Republicans by painting them with that poor brush) should take this opportunity to step back and figure out what they did wrong, so they can launch the war anew. I’m pretty sure he is also talking about the War on Brains.

Aside: How is it possible that ANYONE in the U.S. thinks that the sun revolves around the earth? Read on..

The New York Times 

OPINION   | November 09, 2008
Op-Ed Columnist:  Obama and the War on Brains
When Barack Obama goes to Washington, I’m hopeful that his fertile mind will set a new tone for our country.


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