Dear Somebody

Somebody commented:

Hey,just out of curiosity,have you noticed the frenzy of hatred and the lies thathave been hurled at Palin since she dared accept the nomination for VP? Youwould be bending over backwards to support her if she was a liberal like yourself.


Dear "Somebody": Well, actually no, I haven’tnoticed anything of the kind. Could you give some examples withdocumentation? 


What I’ve seen is a whole lot of media attention, resultingin a huge amount of information being dug up about her, much of it being spunone way or another. But not invective and lies. She’s doing more lyingabout her past and record than the media or the opposition. She pretends tohave been exonerated in the investigation into her firing of the public safetycommissioner in Alaska (Troopergate) . In fact, although she was found to havebeen within her rights as governor to fire the commissioner, she was clearlyfound to have abused her position and violated state ethics law.. It reminds meof George W. Bush, who skated into the presidency without ever being called onthe carpet for having been arrested 2, possibly 3 times as a young man (howmany people do you know have EVER been arrested, let alone 3 times?). Justbecause someone gets away with something doesn’t make them innocent; Palin’sactions don’t reflect the record of a responsible leader.


In another ridiculous twisting of the facts (i.e. lie) Palinand McCain have implied that the investigation was begun by the Obama campaignby labeling it as a witch hunt by Obama supporters, although it was abipartisan investigation – itwas launched a full 2 months before McCain announced her as his running mate. The Democratic state representative who initiated the action was indeed an Obamasupporter, but he would have had to have a crystal ball to predict that Palinwould be on the ticket opposing Obama.


As to your second statement, Somebody, if she were aliberal, obviously she wouldn’t be running on the Republican ticket;Republicans apparently consider liberals to be some kind of alien monstersinstead of their wives and next-door neighbors and brothers-in-law as theyactually are. So I presume you mean she’d be on the Democratic ticket. In whichcase, she wouldn’t be running: Obama would never pick someone so completelyunsuited to be president even if she was a liberal. However let’s say she wason the ticket. I would be disappointed at such a pick, but it would not havethe huge potential for disaster that her actual vp candidacy has: McCain is oldand has serious health issues and his VP must be considered a candidate for thepresidency. Obama is young, fit and healthy and his VP will be twiddling histhumbs for 8 years.


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