Sisters in Vapidity

Separated at birth?

After watching Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin on foreign policylast night, all I could think of was that unfortunate blathering beautycontestant from South Carolina at the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant. Katie Couric cameoff as a hard-hitting journalist almost. Palin came off as pitiable, shallow,completely out of her depth.

I felt sorry for Miss S.C., at least once the horror of it wore off. She wasa child, basically, and just in over her head. I’d feel sorry for Palin too forher poor showing if she were not vying for a position of such power. This isthe most alarmingly irresponsible choice for running mate John McCain couldhave made.


On a personal note:  Incredibly, Palin took the opportunity tocriticize people who had ever been overseas, characterizing them as spoiled,pampered rich kids. This made me particularly ill, given the huge effort thatStephanie made to be able to study in the middle east this year. What acondescending narrow-minded person this Sarah Palin is. I can only hope is thatthis becomes clear enough to sink the Republican ticket.


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